About us

Vanessa - The Lead Instructor

Vanessa is a true professional seriously dedicated to the art of belly dance. As an instructor & choreographer she has spent many years teaching thousands of dancers this intriguing art & has taken many of them to perform on stage.

She is able to teach all levels & age groups & has taught around the UK at:

  • Gyms (including Fitness First, La Fitness, Virgin Active, Bannatynes & many other independent gyms)
  • Companies & Charities (including the BBC, War Child, YMCA & Hestia)
  • Universities (including Birmingham University as one of only two professional dance teachers & also Aston University)

She continues to enhance her skills by attending workshops & seminars with some of the best dancers in the world such as Bozenka, Sonia, Jilina (All Belly dance Superstars), Sadie, Ella & Carla Cecilio.

Born & raised in Brazil, Vanessa was brought up on dance. Even as a young child she performed at various shows mastering the local styles of Samba, Lambada, Jazz & Forro. She first took to belly dance in her teens & remained a faithful member of the Carla Cecilio Dance Company until she moved to the UK some 14 years later. During that time she toured South America, competing at many different arenas, collecting prizes & awards along her way.
Her style is a blend of Middle Eastern belly dance including Lebanese, Turkish & Egyptian disciplines, but adding her own unique flavour from her native South America. This gives her students & spectators a completely original blend of culture in her dance, choreography & teaching.
By frequently visiting her homeland, she is able to maintain this uniqueness & keep on top of her local dancing styles with pilgrimages back to her dance school. She is also a keen traveller & has visited the Middle East & Asia numerous times to keep in tune with the latest styles & cultures related to more pure forms of belly dance.

Given her total dedication, professionalism & ability in this intriguing art, she can proudly promote "Total Belly Dance".

Vanessa takes pride in hosting the vast majority of our classes. However when she is travelling or attending seminars, she will usually arrange a cover teacher in order to prevent cancelling. If you do attend a class with another teacher, you can still expect the same high levels of instruction & ability as we normally only use instructors that have been trained by us.



The Rest of the Team

In order to maintain our high standards, we believe in letting different people concentrate on the different aspects of running total belly dance. Although there can sometimes be an overlap, it generally means we allow each person to remain focussed on playing their role rather than allowing for distractions that could compromise quality. So to help support the multi-talented Vanessa, we also have other instructors, performers, party organisers, management, marketing folk & international purchasers whose efforts & hard work collectively make total belly dance an ongoing success.


Clients & Partners