About Belly Dance


Belly dance is often referred to as the Goddess of dancing & is all about mystery......

........the mystery of music that can unwind from deep sensual rhythms to fast uplifting beats. It speaks to the soul using a range of fascinating instruments.

........the mystery of being in touch with your inner self through the deep levels of relaxation that belly dance brings.

........the mystery of the movement where you can express yourself freely using the graceful delicate hand & arm movements or express your inner energy through powerful shimmies & body undulations.

........ the mystery of unpredictability by using absolute muscle control to isolate different parts of your body & move them independently or weaving them together to portray the entire body form.

........the mystery of the mesmerising outfits, jewellery & amazing accessories that can help reveal your creativity & femininity.

........the mystery of facial expressions concentrated through the eyes which conveys so much sensuality to the dance.



The benefits of belly dance are wide ranging & involve much more than just your abdominal region. Using every part of the body, you will be able to control independent muscles allowing both toning & relaxation. There are a wealth of health benefits awaiting those who practice Raqs Sharqi (as belly dance is traditionally known). It is based on movements that come naturally to the female form & literally translates as "oriental dance". It has evolved over many years to what the western world now understand as belly dance.

On an emotional & spiritual level, many dancers feel they gain self-esteem & reconnect with their feminine self. They can become more comfortable with their bodies & more accepting of their shape & size. In fact, they begin to appreciate & embrace their beautiful curves.

Belly dance is also known to revitalise the internal organs & improve both posture & balance. These elements are key to perfecting the art.

Belly dance can be enjoyed by all ages & is not only for women. Men & children can also enjoy many of the benefits on offer.

Additional Benefits:

  • relaxation & mental focus
  • firm & tone muscles especially the abdominals, arms, back, thighs & glutes
  • burn up to 300 calories per hour (depending on intensity)
  • improve fitness, circulation & coordination
  • stress reduction
  • fun & enjoyment!